Board of Directors


lected for the 2017 year, here are your Florida Marine Aquarium Society’s Board of Directors (BOD). We are responsible for running the club, organizing meetings and events, maintaining membership, and documenting everything. The positions are all voluntary – we are here because we love the hobby and we love our members. We are always looking for new volunteers to help with different projects, so if you want to get involved, your help would definitely be appreciated (by us and by your fellow members)!

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Dave Thompson

Current set up: 200gal mixed reef system
Years of experience: 20+

Comments: I love the chemistry and biology that is involved with this hobby.
I also enjoy tinkering with equipment.
I really enjoy working with the school and students to promote this great hobby to our future generations!

Gayle Velazquez

Current set up: 125 gal mixed reef system
Years of experience: 10

Comments: I started my first reef tank (a 29 gallon tank with LPS) in college in 2005, and have moved it with me everywhere I went, until my husband and I finally upgraded. The 125gal is still pretty new, but it’s coming along, one system at a time.


If you are interested in being secretary, let us know! We are looking for someone to fill the position!

This would mean you would need to come to the Board of Directors meetings (which are once a month) and take notes.

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